Boen's herringbone flooring

Boen’s Herringbone Flooring

Boen's Herringbone Flooring Solutions

Boen’s herringbone flooring is an eye-catching pattern that makes any floor area in your home stand out. A timeless and classic flooring pattern that gets its name from the pattern of a fish skeleton and creates a classic or modern atmosphere, depending on your style and the finish of the boards you finally choose for your home. 

Boen's herringbone flooring
Boen's herringbone flooring

Boen's Oak Adagio Herringbone Click

Boen's herringbone flooring

Boen's Oak Adagio White Herringbone Click

5G Click, 3-layer floating herringbone floor installation

In close collaboration with our manufacturer BOEN, we at Edinburgh Wood Flooring can finally offer our customers here in Edinburgh a click herringbone solution that meets the highest standards and quality that our customers demand, a truly fantastic new range from BOEN that looks and feels amazing underfoot.

BOEN’S herringbone flooring is the perfect solution that satisfies the need for the professional Edinburgh flooring market. This is a Herringbone floor that can easily be installed as a choice between glued-down or floating installation. We have sample display boards available for delivery to your home. Contact us today to arrange for a free estimate. Available now

So who is BOEN

At BOEN our Norwegian heritage of experience and craftsmanship makes our products unique in the international market. With roots and experience that takes take us back more than 370 years in time, we get the strength to be bold, innovative, and creative. A true passion for trends inspires our product development and keeps us relevant and visible in the rapidly changing world of the interior.

Our products are sold in more than 50 countries, on four continents, with Management based in Norway. In addition to production sites in Lithuania, Switzerland, and Croatia, BOEN has sales offices in Norway, Germany, Lithuania, the UK, Hong Kong, and the USA.

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