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Electric Under Wood FLOOR HEATING

The electric under wood floor heating system is suitable for use below laminate and engineered wood floors

Our electric underfloor heating systems utilise radiant heat. This far infrared heating system heats objects in the room, where as a traditional central heating systems will heat the air creating cold spots.

What is an electric under-wood heating system?

The under wood floor heating element is our most popular floor heating system. This is because its ultra-thin and relatively easy to install. It’s has now become very popular to use when installing a new finish wood floor.

First of all, the carbon floor heating system is just 1mm thick meaning it will add almost nothing to your overall floor build height. Secondly, this floor heating system can be installed over both concrete and timber sub-floors. 

In addition to this the under wood heating system is silent and makes no noise. It’s great for allergies as it does not circulate air or dust, its also completely maintenance free. Lastly this heating system is suitable for you to use with laminate or an engineered wood flooring.

We Supply & Install under-wood floor heating

How easy is this floor heating system to install?

This heating system is relatively easy and unobtrusive to install in your property. Its fitted over your existing sub-floor and sits directly below your finish wood floor. This means we can fit this form of heating in just one day..

Before we fit the heating system over either a suspended timber or concrete sub-floor, we first install a layer of thermal floor insulation. This will minimise the heat loss and ensure a much quicker heat-up time.

Our under-wood heating elements are available in three different widths with standard lengths up to 10 meters. These are fitted to your floor and connected by our electrician. The underfloor heating system is easy to use with a programmable room thermostat fitted on every job.

We can supply & install the perfect wood floor

Electric Underfloor Heating

Carbon film underfloor heating elements are a silent, maintenance free infrared floor heating system. 

For all room areas up to 30 square meters, the carbon film underfloor heating systems can be installed in just one day.

Yes, we provide our own electrician who has over 20 years experience in the trade. All his work is completed in accordance with the relevant wiring regulations and he is Select Registered.

Our carbon film underfloor heating system is just 1mm thick, when fitted to your floor with suitable thermal floor insulation and a vapour barrier, the floor build height is 7mm.

All our electric underfloor heating systems are controlled using a 7 day programmable room thermostat. We have many different thermostats to choose from and they are easy to use.

Save Up To 30% On Electric Under Wood Floor Heating Systems

When you book in our fitters to install underfloor heating we will supply your underfloor heating systems at 30% off the recommended retail value. 

Electric Under Wood Floor Heating Elements

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