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water Based Underfloor Heating

With a vast selection of warm water underfloor heating solutions for you to choose from. We design, supply and install underfloor heating, we also supply and install your finish floor.

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Solid Floor Underfloor Heating System

We have 3 fitting methods for you to choose from for a solid floor underfloor heating system.

aluminium spreader plates suitable for use with a joist floor underfloor heating system

Joisted Floor Underfloor Heating System

We have 6 fitting methods for you to choose from for a joist floor underfloor heating system.

pre-grooved insulation panels

Floating Floor Underfloor Heating System

We have 4 fitting methods for you to choose from for a floating floor underfloor heating system.

The benefits of warm water underfloor heating...

Underfloor heating is the most popular way to heat your home, UFH is a means of heating a full property by installing heating pipes within your floor, these pipes carry warm water to each floor area. The heat produced will radiate through the floor to heat the room from below.

Underfloor heating has a number of benefits over a radiator heating system. They all come down to a simple point – underfloor heating requires less energy to run. The average UFH system uses between 15-40% less energy than a radiator system, it requires a much lower flow temperature to heat the room due to its size and dimensions. 

Even comfortable level of heating

The result is that you will experience a more evenly comfortable level of heating, particularly as you can easily control the heat with a simple to use room thermostat. With radiators, you can sometimes experience the air becoming dry at times. Underfloor heating will actually conserve the moisture in the air, preserving a more comfortable atmosphere.

More control = less running cost

With a floor heating system installed you can program individual zone (room) temperatures. This means you don’t need to heat rooms you are not using, you can achieve each room’s ideal heating requirement. This gives you not only an improved level of comfort, but also produces a significant saving when compared to traditional systems.


Learn More About Our UFH Services

Yes, the floor heating system you end up using will mainly depend on the subfloor your fitting to. Please Contact Us and lets discuss your project in more detail.

Yes, our UFH designers use CAD software to accurately design your underfloor heating system. This allows us to be very accurate when calculating heat loss and flow rates. Your CAD design is shipped with every order and its also held on file should you need a copy.

We can do both, we supply our water based underfloor heating systems throughout the UK. We also provide a full installation service, our installation services in and around Edinburgh and the east coast of Scotland.

Yes, we have our own Select Registered Electrician who will perform all the required electrical connections when using our installation service. Its the same for any gas work, our heating engineer is Gas Safety Registered and he will perform all the relevant work to the heating system connections.

Yes, we have 15 years experience supplying & installing both electric and warm water based underfloor heating systems with all types of finish flooring materials including, Laminate Flooring, Engineered Wood, Floor Tiles and Carpet & Vinyl.

Yes, we provide our own heating engineer who is gas safety registered and can install a new boiler in your property. We supply and fit Worcester Boilers, Vaillant Boilers, Vokers Boiler& Baxi Boilers.

WARM WATER Underfloor Heating & New Finish Flooring

One of the most important decisions you will make is what type of finish floor will you use over the underfloor heating?

With so many different flooring products to choose from its easy to get confused. There are many benefits and pitfalls that can occur in floors with floor heating below. We have been supplying and fitting underfloor heating with all the major flooring brands and types of finish flooring for the last 15 years. There isn’t much we haven’t seen and we are only to happy to share our experiences with you.

Our Flooring Brands

We supply and install flooring brands such as Kahrs, Boen, Parador, Haro, Quickstep, Panaget and Atkinson & Kirby. These flooring ranges can be viewed in our Edinburgh Flooring Showroom.

Oak_Adagio_Herringbone (1)

With over 15 years experience and knowledge of underfloor heating in combination with all types of finish floors, we are specialists. We are dedicated to providing the best and most economical underfloor heating & flooring solutions for you.

Hire Your Local Underfloor Heating Dream Team

Our underfloor heating & flooring teams area highly skilled designers and installers of warm water underfloor heating systems and new finish floors. Are you looking for the perfect underfloor heating & flooring solution? Please contact us and book in an appointment with your local underfloor heating & flooring specialists.