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Electric Under Vinyl FLOOR HEATING

The electric under vinyl floor heating system is suitable for use below various different types of LVT Vinyl flooring.

Electric underfloor heating utilises radiant heat. This far infrared heating system heats objects in the room, where as a traditional central heating systems will heat the air creating cold spots.

What is an electric under-Vinyl heating system?

Under vinyl heating is fitted over your existing subfloor and under your new LVT vinyl floor. It’s easy to controlled using a 7-day programmable room thermostat, it’s also maintenance free and completely silent when in use.

Radiant heating is a transfer of energy that naturally searches for colder objects to warm. We install the radiant heating below your finish floor to heat the rooms above. 

Instead of heating the air, radiant heat will warm surfaces, so objects and people in the room. These surfaces then gently warm the surrounding air creating a natural warmth and minimal temperature variation.

We Supply and Install Under Vinyl Floor Heating

How easy is this floor heating system to install?

Installing under vinyl floor heating throughout your home is relatively easy and unobtrusive because it fits over your existing subfloor. Once the floor heating has been fitted, we install a new floating subfloor over the top.

To create your new subfloor, we use dual overlay boards. The boards consist of a 3mm baseboard and a 4mm top board, each with a layer of adhesive which when bonded together make the boards inseparable.

Because your new floating subfloor is extremely stable and smooth, its perfect for use with vinyl & carpet flooring. With this dry lay underfloor heating system there are no screeds or smoothing compounds required.

We Supply and Install Luxury LVT Vinyl Flooring

Carbon film underfloor heating element is a silent, maintenance free infrared floor heating system.

Because this type of electric underfloor heating system also required a new subfloor to be fitted over the top, it will normally take two days to fully install everything for you.

Yes, we provide a select registered electrician who has over 25 years experience as an electrical contractor and 15 years experience working with underfloor heating.

When this full system is fitted over your existing subfloor, it will add an extra 15mm to the overall floor height, this doesn’t include the thickness of your finish LVT vinyl or carpet flooring.

All our electric underfloor heating systems are controlled using an easy to use 7 day programmable room thermostat. 

Save Up To 30% On Electric Under Vinyl Floor Heating Systems

When you book in our fitters to install underfloor heating we will supply your underfloor heating systems at 30% off the recommended retail value. 

Electric Under Vinyl Floor Heating Systems

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